Meet the trainer – ITIL Foundation training with Andy Britton

We’ve taken five minutes to catch up with our ITIL trainer Andy Britton, following the success of the first ITIL Foundation (2 day) training course – which achieved a 100% pass rate!

You have worked in IT Service Management for over 20 years – how did you get started and what has kept you interested?

I had previously worked in software development (as a programmer and software development manager) and then took up an interesting IT Support role at Hewlett Packard. Because IT Service Management (ITSM) has so many facets (ITIL now includes 26 separate ITSM processes) I was able to keep my interest by regularly taking new, varied and interesting roles within their huge worldwide IT organisation, and then within other organisations. It has kept me challenged and interested!

What advice would you give someone considering ITIL Foundation as a route to building a career in ITSM?

Do it! ITIL is the best-known and most-used ITSM framework in the world and around 20,000 people every month are now taking the ITIL Foundation exam. Don’t get left-behind and overlooked for someone who already has ‘ITIL’ on their C.V.

What is the most challenging part of attaining the ITIL Foundation certificate?

Persuading your manager to let you attend a course. The exam itself isn’t too tough if you engage during the course.

If persuading managers is a challenge – why should they support their staff to pursue ITIL qualifications?

ITIL is all about best-practices (hundreds of them) so the more that staff have exposure to these, the more chance they have to see how they can be applied to the advantage of the organisation (and the customers that they deliver to).

Also, ITIL has its own terminology/language and with the spread in its popularity, it’s a language that more and more people now speak. Being familiar with ‘ITIL language’ is key to effective communication across large organisations or for integrating new staff.

Will our 2 day course help persuade managers to support ITIL training?

I think the 2 day approach, rather than the more typical 3 day courses, will be of particular interest to managers. For managers facing limited training budgets, or with several staff requiring training, the 2 day course offers a shorter, lower-cost solution.

What level of prior experience would you expect delegates attending our 2 day course to have?

Our 2 day approach is ideal for people who have spent a year or so working in an IT role, who are keen to gain the ITIL Foundation qualification quickly and efficiently. Smart folks from non-IT roles could also get a lot out of the course though as, after all, it’s an introductory-level course.

Thanks Andy.

If you are keen to progress your career in IT service management by getting the ITIL Foundation certificate under your belt, our new intensive ITIL Foundation (2 day) training course offers the quickest possible route to qualification. Andy Britton will deliver the next course on 18-19 July 2013 in London.

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