Managing Business Transformation

Managing Business Transformation has kindly been reviewed by itSMF USA member, Angelica King.

Have you ever led an IT project? Have you implemented a process change? Have you experienced challenges in helping teams adjust to change? Managing Business Transformation is a structured and practical guide for managing change and aligning a Change Management to Project Management.

Managing Business Transformation introduces you to a 4-step model for managing change: understanding the change, planning and preparing for change, implementing the change, and embedding the change. Within each step, several specific methods that support the necessary activities are detailed and supported with real-world examples and case studies. I learned the most from the chapter on ‘Implementing the Change.’ In this chapter, there were examples illustrating the differences between influencing, motivating and persuading people to accept or adopt the change. Most importantly, I appreciated examples of applying the various techniques depending on the state of the team and the definition of the change.

Franklin concludes the book by outlining the integration of Project Management and Change Management. “Project activities deliver the potential for change: the new processes, systems, organization structure, etc.: change activities create the persuasion, motivation and leading by example that results in the new business environment” (p. 122). Both areas are critical to achieving business results; however, the activities and skills required to complete the activities are different. Thus, understanding the touch points and working together can lead to success.

I particularly appreciated that Franklin leveraged several industry-standard models from leaders in Change Management and Project Management. She shows ways to utilize models such as Lean Six Sigma, mind-mapping, PESTLE analysis, and the transition curve to effectively manage change. The book is a great alignment of theoretical models and practical experience.

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