Manage change effectively with this highly-praised book

An effective manager knows how to identify and implement improvements. But how do you identify the changes that will benefit your business, and how do you implement them?

Written by Chief Executive of Maven Training, Melanie Franklin guides you through all the stages of change management in her book, Managing Business Transformation. Using real-life examples, up-to-date information and clear diagrams, this practical handbook will equip you to be an agent of change, whatever your role.

Don’t just take our word for it, read what other reviewers have been saying:

“As Melanie points out, even if you don’t deal directly with business transformation, knowledge on how to successfully handle it is priceless in any managerial role.”
Jessica Wharton, APMG-International

“Melanie’s Managing Business Transformation really is a fresh breath of air in this genre of literature …”
Brigitte Boyce, Managing Director and Owner, Silver Line Management and Education Solutions Ltd

‘Small book – big punch!’ … it offers a wealth of supportive and valuable elements that you will never find in the text books on those subjects …”
Graham Devine, Adjunct Ltd

Managing Business Transformation: A Practical Guide Managing Business Transformation: A Practical Guide

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Melanie Franklin has an extensive track record in the realisation of business change programmes within the public and private sectors.

Buy this book and see your organisation thrive as it embraces change!

P.S. Melanie has also just released her Business Transformation Toolkit which will help you put into place a detailed and effective documentation system to your businesses change, whilst helping you to maintain and monitor the transformation.