Maintain your ISMS with unique quarterly updates from Alan Calder and Steve Watkins

Is your organisation already certified to the ISO/IEC ISO27001:2005 Standard? You will of course know that ensuring the continued effectiveness of your Information Security Management System (ISMS) is the key element to ensuring best practice and compliance in the future.

With the ever changing business and technology trends, how can you ensure that your corrective action and preventative action (CAPA) plan is regularly updated and actually working?

How can you ensure that when you have your surveillance visit, you do not incur a major non-conformity that threatens the status of your certification or that involves significant and unplanned cost to your organisation?

The Reviewing and Improving Your ISO27001 ISMS Training Programme is a unique opportunity to ensure that you are continually updated on all of the current business, technology and regulatory issues that will challenge your ISMS.

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Reviewing and Improving Your ISO27001 ISMS Training Programme
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Our complete programme consists of four training courses delivered on a quarterly basis to ensure you receive timely and relevant information AND the advice on how it affects your information security management system. Scheduled for October, January, April, and July in 2011/12, each course is a 2-day session run by Alan Calder and Steve Watkins. Alan and Steve are the directors of IT Governance and are considered by their peers to be leading authorities and consultants on ISO27001.

The Reviewing and Improving Your ISO27001 ISMS Training Programme is not just a training course. With two consultants hosting each event, we can also offer you the opportunity to specifically discuss the issues affecting your individual ISMS continual improvement plan.

By attending the Reviewing and Improving Your ISO27001 ISMS, you will be updated and advised on the following key topics:

  • Management Review Best Practice
  • Changes in the Business Environment
  • New threats and vulnerabilities
  • New legislation and regulations
  • New standards and certification requirements

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Ensure you are updated on all issues that affect the continued improvement of your ISMS.

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