Lush hackers cash in on stolen cards

Cyber thieves are cashing in after stealing credit cards in a hack attack on the website of cosmetics firm Lush.

Failure to meet PCI compliance regulations may have played a part …

Cyber thieves are cashing in after stealing credit cards in a hack attack on the website of cosmetics firm Lush.

The fact that Lush is warning customers to contact their banks may indicate it has failed to encrypt the details held on its site – which, if true, could mean it has failed to meet PCI compliance regulations, which governs the storage of card details.

The cost of such an incident could be enough to seriously harm the company. The site is currently down, which means they are losing out on revenue, the time and resources to tell clients about the hack, along with reputational damage, all add up.

The firm could, at worst, be stripped of its ability to accept credit card payments online. The Lush site said it would be launching a separate site “in a few days”, which would accept PayPal payments only. PayPal transactions do not require PCI compliance.

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