Low Cost and Fast N3 IG Compliance

Is your business planning to become a NHS Commercial Third Party (CTP) or Business Partner? Do you need to complete the application process required to connect to the N3 Connecting for Health network?

The NHS Connecting for Health programme requires that all third party commercial organisations comply with a strict information governance and security regime designed to ensure the confidentially of patient and personal information. Compliance to the N3 Information Governance (IG) framework is a mandatory requirement if you wish to work with the NHS N3 network.

The IT Governance FastTrack N3 Consultancy Service is designed to help your organisation complete the IG Statement of Compliance process required to connect to the N3 network in just 2 months and at a one-off fixed fee of £5000 + VAT.


FastTrack N3 Consultancy Service

FastTrack N3 Consultancy Service With its low cost and fast implementation, the FastTrack N3 Consultancy Service delivers N3 compliance with minimal disruption to your business and without the time and additional cost required to develop ‘in-house’ expertise.


The IT Governance FastTrack N3 Consultancy Service includes the following:

  1. A Gap Analysis to establish current level of compliance with N3 requirements
  2. Production of IG Improvement Plan
  3. Completion of the N3 Application N3 Toolkit Documentation
  4. N3 and Information Security staff training
  5. Conduct Internal Audit and produce report
  6. Conduct Risk Assessment
  7. N3 Application Online Submission

To qualify for the IT Governance FastTrack N3 Consultancy Service, we ask that companies should have 20 or less members of staff and a single office location. For larger CTP organisations and Business Partners that need to achieve compliance to N3 Level 2, we can recommend the IT Governance N3 Consultancy Team who can deliver gap analysis, audit and training services tailored to meet your exact needs.

Please take the opportunity to contact us directly to discuss your requirements and find out how you can book your IT Governance FastTrack N3 Consultancy Service. Our Customer Service team will be delighted to hear from you and if required can arrange for one our Consultants to call you for a no-obligation chat.

For further information, please email servicecentre@itgovernance.co.uk or call on 0845 070 1750.

IT Governance FastTrack N3 Consultancy Service


PS. If you already have the in-house expertise to complete your application to N3, you may wish to purchase the ITG NHS N3 Information Governance IG Toolkit which contains templates for all of the major documents required.