Looking for an ISO27001-compliant risk assessment tool?

Risk assessment is the core competence of information security management. Every control (‘control’ = ‘risk countermeasure’) decision you make must be proportionate to the actual risk your organisation faces. You must therefore assess risks on a structured asset-by-asset basis – and experience proves you need to save time and money with a risk assessment tool that automates and simplifies this process.

ISO27001 is actually predicated on risk assessment and, if you’re pursuing ISO27001 certification (and why not?), vsRisk is the tool to carry out this core part of your project – today and for the future!

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vsRisk – ISO 27001: 2005 Compliant Information Security Risk Assessment Tool

vsRisk vsRisk is the only risk assessment tool available today that actually delivers an ISO27001-compliant risk assessment that is user-friendly, intelligible, and supported by the experienced IT Governance first line sales and service team!

Third call to action

vsRisk delivers the results you are looking for through key features, including:

  • Assess key areas such as Groups, Assets and Owners
  • Capture your IS policy, objectives and ISMS scope
  • Assess attributes on Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability, in relation to Business, Legal, Contractual
  • In-built audit trail and comparative history
  • Comprehensive reporting and gap analysis.


vsRisk helps you get on top of the critical risk assessment phase of your ISMS project and, importantly, sets you up for future risk assessments as well.

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