Lockheed Martin Report 20% of Cyber Attacks Are Advanced Persistent Threats

Lockeheed Martin – advanced technology and US Defence firm – have reported that 20% of the cyber threats it receives are APT (Advanced Persistent Threats). The maker’s of the F-16 fighter jet, amongst other things, also reported that they have seen a spike in cyber attacks with vice President Chandra McMahon recently saying “The number of campaigns has increased dramatically over the last several years.”

Advanced Persistent Threats are a growing concern for multi-national organisations and national governments. Find out more about APT’s on our information page here

One of Lockheed’s problems is that it operates with many suppliers. This provides the would be cyber criminal with plenty of avenues for attack. This was exactly the problem last May when security company RSA’s previous cyber attack had a knock on effect on Lockheed Martin.

Chandra McMahon said: “The adversary was able to get information from RSA and then they were also able to steal information from another supplier of ours, and they were able to put those two pieces of information together and launch an attack on us.”

This highlights the importance of securing the supply chain, and ensuring that the partners and suppliers you deal with are as secure as possible.

What cyber security measures do your suppliers have in place?

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