List of January Data Breaches and Cyber Attacks

In terms of cyber attacks and data breaches, 2014 has started with a bang.

The following list is a mere drop in the ocean of cyber attacks and data breaches that have taken place during January 2014

Personal Information

FBI alerts Ohio Company of breach involving Social Security numbers

Phishing scam lures three Calif. physicians, patient data compromised

74,000 Data Records Breached on Stolen Coca-Cola Laptops

Virginia county school data accidentally posted online

Server storing 6,000 emergency medical response calls breached

Two employees fired after hospital computer containing PHI is dumped

400,000 user names and passwords to Yahoo and other companies stolen

Card Data

Card data accessed in malware attack on Easton-Bell vendor servers

Card data among info accessed in malware attack on medical supplier

1.1 Million customers’ credit card data was swiped in Neiman Marcus breach

Michaels Stores confirms payment card information compromised in breach

Credit Card Details of 20 Million South Koreans Stolen


Pakistani hackers attacked 2,118 Indian websites

Angry Birds website hacked after NSA-GCHQ leaks

Turkish group suspected of hacking European Jewish news site

Microsoft blog hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

Microsoft admits hackers stole law enforcement documents

CNN website, Twitter and Facebook hijacked by Syrian Electronic Army

If you don’t want to be added to this list, then I strongly suggest that you get on top of cyber crime now.  You can start by learning more about Cyber Resilience – the future of dealing with and recovering from cyber attacks.