List of Data Breaches and Cyber Attacks in September 2020

You can find October 2020’s list of cyber attacks and data breaches here.

September saw students around the globe returning to classes, only to be met with an avalanche of cyber attacks.

The education sector accounted for 20 of the 102 publicly disclosed incidents listed this month – with the majority being ransomware.

Indeed, ransomware was the most common threat across all sectors. Because organisations can rarely calculate the extent of the damage, these attacks accounted for relatively few of the 267,277,828 breached records that we tallied, but incidents can have much wider-reaching consequences.

Notably, a patient at Dusseldorf University Hospital died during a ransomware infection after the facility was unable to provide urgent medical assistance.

You can find our full list of publicly disclosed data breaches from September in this blog, with incidents affecting UK organisations listed in bold.

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Human error is to blame for 88% of data breaches in the UK

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