List of data breaches and cyber attacks in October 2016 – 142,160,000 records leaked

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month and what better way to demonstrate awareness than by announcing that over 140 million records were leaked in October (and that’s just the ones we know about)?

However, in terms of data breaches and cyber attacks, it’s been rather quiet, and that the majority of records leaked this month have been from breaches that occurred in prior months.

One of the biggest stories this month was the outage of some major sites such as Twitter, Spotify and my all-time favourite site, Reddit. The outage was caused by a massive DDoS attack on Dyn, which is the DNS service that the above sites and many others use. The majority of people who weren’t able to access these sites were based on the east coast of the United States.

Data breach

Medical marijuana patients’ personal information found in trash pile

Security Firm Tries Desperate Solution to Alert Company of Data Leak

Hacker grabs over 58 million customer records from data storage firm

IES users’ data leaked due to ‘inadequate’ security measures: PDPC

Boxes of patient information missing from Florida Hospital in Orlando

Information of 13,000 Baystate patients possibly compromised due to “phishing”

Laptop with crucial CMO data stolen

Lincoln health center warning patients of data breach, fired worker

Nurse suspended after snooping through 64 patients records

RedBus confirms hack, says no sign of user passwords being stolen yet

Rainbow Children’s Clinic notifies 33,368 patients of ransomware attack

Event Organizer Suffers Data Breach After Hacker Steals Mailing Lists

19 patients affected in ‘accidental’ Eastern Health privacy breach

Tax credits firm in ‘data protection breach’

Province says it might have sent tax documents to wrong addresses

Massive data leak hits Bohri Muslims ahead of Moharram

Northwest Community notifies patients of R-C Healthcare breach

Private student information mistakenly posted online by Surrey School Board

96,000 public servants in new data breachTop of Form

Simple Website Flaw Exposed Data Of Charter Internet Customers

Surgeon General warns staff that personal information may have been stolen

Illegal pot dispensary customers fume over email privacy breach

Data breach at Weebly affects 43 million users

Evony gaming company had its website and forum breached and as a result 33 million of its gamers had their accounts stolen

Cyber attack

Hutchinson Community Foundation falls victim to data breach

DDoS attack against DNS provider knocks major sites offline

Who cut off Julian Assange’s internet access? Ecuador, accusing him of interfering in US election

Black hat hacker used printers to distribute anti-Semitic flyers

Cyberattack on 3D-Printed Component Destroys Drone Mid-Air


Whoops: Pro-Donald Trump super PAC publishes donor credit card numbers

Hackers stole credit card data from Republican website for 6 months

About 1,000 Members Victimized In Skimming Breach

Vera Bradley discloses payment card security breach

UCF police trace credit card fraud to restaurant malware

Hutton Hotel notifying guests of breach that began in 2012

Senate Republicans were skimmed for six months, quietly fix store

Fighting back

Two jailed for illegally trading student information

TalkTalk gets record £400,000 fine for failing to prevent October 2015 attack

Man arrested for streaming porn to electronic billboard

LinkedIn hacking suspect identified by feds

Trends and traits of data breaches

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