List of data breaches and cyber attacks in November 2017 – 59 million records leaked

This month’s list is a little thin compared with other months this year. Is that a good sign? Maybe.

What’s certainly not a good sign, however, is the number of data breaches caused by organisations’ own employees.

Month after month, I find myself reporting more on organisational mistakes than on the efforts of cyber criminals. Basic information security practices – and I really do mean basic – are ignored over and over again, and for what? Convenience? Lack of care?

Have a look at this month’s list and come back to me with a story caused by a member of staff that couldn’t have been avoided.

I count this month’s total to be 59,830,814.

Cyber attack and ransomware

Sacramento Regional Transit Systems Hit By Hacker

Cash Converters hacked; customer data held for ransom

Agency’s data remains uncompromised after computer breach

Bitfinex on Twitter: Exchange is Under DDoS Attack

Boston Globe hit by denial of service attacks

Data breach

Important documents of Social Welfare Department found lying on street

Confidential files containing graphic descriptions of alleged rapes and victims’ details were found in a bin

CSO admits major data breach as thousands of people’s details leaked out

NC DHHS Reports Data Security Incident

Imgur Notice of Data Breach

Privacy breach at Burns Lake hospital

Dal warns of potential information breach

Uber Paid Hackers to Delete Stolen Data on 57 Million People

Police investigate hack of guns database

9,500 patients at the Medical College of Wisconsin notified of phishing incident

FEMA confirms identity theft claims after NBC2 investigation

School’s data breach spooks students

Probe into data leak – as patients private letters end up in Newtown

Pentagon Exposed Some Of Its Data On Amazon Server

UPMC Susquehanna notifies patients of data breach

Toronto company confirms user information stolen from six hacked websites

Privacy breaches in University file system affect 200 people

Western State Hospital patient information sent to wrong email address

Huddle’s ‘highly secure’ work tool exposed KPMG and BBC files

Social Security numbers of 2,100 Maine foster care participants posted online

Muslim Hacktivists Hack ISIS website; expose 2,000 subscribers list

Jaywing suffers data breach affecting CollectPlus, Vodafone and other clients

Patient information lost, found in bag on McGalliard

Financial information

Oxford and Cambridge Club hit by data breach after backup drive with members’ info stolen

Data breach hits Department of Social Services credit card system

YMCA of Central Florida Notifies Individuals of Security Incident

Cryptocurrency Startup Claims Hackers Stole $30.95 Million

Retailer Forever 21 discloses payment card breach

Fasten data leak: Nearly 1 million users’ sensitive data mistakenly exposed by US ride-hailing firm

Security flaw may have exposed personal info on 21,000 Utah Express Pass users

Local Salvation Army website updated after personal information released

Contractor breach exposes 50k Aussie govt, bank staff records

Fighting back against cyber crime

Canadian hacker enlisted by Russian FSB to hack Yahoo in 2014 pleads guilty

U.S. Charges Three Chinese Hackers Who Work at Internet Security Firm for Hacking Three Corporations for Commercial Advantage


Huge MacOS bug lets anyone login as root without a password: what you need to know

Facebook flaw allowed unauthorised users to delete any photo

Scammed via Western Union? You have less than 90 days to claim your share of $586 million refund

A Boeing 757 was hacked remotely while it sat on the runway

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