List of data breaches and cyber attacks in March 2017 – 74,000,000 records compromised

March is coming to an end, which means it’s time for this month’s list of breaches and cyber attacks.

There have been a lot of data breaches this month, and that’s just considering the ones that I’ve been making a note of throughout the month.

I calculate the number of compromised records this month as 74,643,434. This number should be taken as an estimate and not the definitive number. The real number of compromised records is likely to be much higher.

Remember, this is the list of breaches and attacks that were discovered/announced this month, but did not necessarily take place this month.

Cyber attacks and ransomware

Urology Austin notifies patients of ransomware attack

KY: Estill County Chiropractic notifies 5,335 patients of ransomware attack

Metropolitan Urology Group Notifies Almost 18,000 Patients of Ransomware Attack That Exposed PHI

City erases, re-installs server after ransomware attack

Student expelled for hacking professors’ emails

Hackers attack Pa. Senate Democrats’ computer system with Ransomware

Website of Korea retail giant Lotte hacked in China

Data breach

26 million NHS patients’ records in security scare over SystmOne “enhanced data sharing”

Laptops containing 3.7 million Hong Kong voters’ data stolen after chief executive election

Dozens of patients’ medical records found lying in Melbourne street

Notification of data breach on FIRST Forums

Thousands of Psychiatrist’s Patient Records Stored in Basement of House He Rented Out

Council blunder leaks personal data on web

Vermont Department of Labor details data security breach at third party vendor

New Three Data Breach Exposes Mobile Customer Account Details To Total Strangers

UNC Health Care notifies 1,300 prenatal patients of potential breach

Saks Fifth Avenue Exposed Personal Info On Tens Of Thousands Of Customers

Blunder reveals Australian lawmakers’ private cell numbers

Email gaffe revealed 1,417 cancer patients’ email addresses

15 computers with ‘sensitive information’ stolen from Chief Justice Mogoeng’s office

Lane Community College notifies health clinic patients of potential breach

McDonalds India is leaking 2.2 million users data

Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario employee breached privacy of nearly 300 patients

Singapore Armed Forces apologizes for data leak

Ster-Kinekor “data leak” means private data of 7 million South Africans is at risk

Devon doctors’ surgery says sorry for data breach

Popular Teen Quiz App Wishbone Has Been Hacked, Exposing Tons of User Information

43,000 individuals’ possibly affected after Abta web server hacked

We’ve lost control of our personal data (including 33M NetProspex records)

US military leak exposes ‘holy grail’ of security clearance files

VCU Health System notifies 2,700 of inappropriate access to their medical records

Brand New Day notifies 14,005 members after breach at vendor

Tarleton Medical discloses breach involving protected health information

Financial information

Data breach may put Daytona State College students’ personal info at risk

Med Center Health reports stolen patient billing information

Email Security Breach Involving County Employees’ Bank Accounts In Sebastian County

Oh those inadequately secured backup devices…

GMO Payment Gateway confirms data leakage from two client websites

Hackers steal thousands after Queensland School Photography targeted online

Fighting against cyber crime

No bail for 3 Romanians in ATM hack

Gang of Hackers Tries to Steal Baidu’s Driverless Car Secrets

Chinese police make 96 arrests in latest operation against personal data theft

Dutch detectives unravel 3.6 million encrypted emails sent by criminals

Nursing home employee arrested after filming senior residents having sex, posted video online

Trends and traits of data breaches

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