List of data breaches and cyber attacks in June 2016 (289,150,000+ records leaked)

This month’s list is a little earlier than usual, so I expect that I’ll be updating it more than usual over the remainder of the month. Keep revisiting it to see new additions.

It’s been an interesting month. While there haven’t been any large-scale data breaches (that we’re aware of) so far this month, there have been several data dumps posted online from previous breaches.

One of these dumps included the 51 million iMesh passwords that were stolen from a breach back in September 2013. Now, if the world’s population practised good password security and used unique passwords for every online account they have, this wouldn’t be much of an issue, especially since iMesh no longer exists. However, password reuse is as common as the air, and those who had an iMesh account in 2013 may want to consider changing their login credentials on sites where they’ve used the same password.

At the time of publication, I have the number of known leaked records this month (that’s including those that have just come to light) at 289,526,590.

Data breach

154 million voter records exposed, revealing gun ownership, Facebook profiles, and more

77K accounts of Financial Giant, State Farm, leaked due to DAC Group Hack

Muslim Match dating website hack exposes more than half a million intimate messages

45 million records from over 1100 domains and communities hacked and leaked

51 Million iMesh Passwords Dumped Online

Personal info on 7.93 million people feared leaked

GoToMyPC suffers “sophisticated password attack”

397 medical records snooped at Hamilton General Hospital

ENT and Allergy Center of Arkansas notifying patients of Bizmatics security incident

Walmart vendor error exposed limited patient information

Vermont Fish and Wildlife reports license data breach

Courthouse data breach exposes personal information

Island Health says staff snooped on 198 patient files

Let’s encrypt accidentally spills 7,600 user emails

Hacker breaches University of Greenwich, exposes 21,000 people’s data

Patient privacy breached at Credit Valley Hospital after health records ‘improperly accessed’

LeakedSource uploads data set with 32,888,300 Twitter credentials

uTorrent forums hacked, passwords compromised

Cyber-attack has Cowboys Casino scrambling

Cyber attack

Janesville computer systems hit by virus, likely ‘ransomware’

Virus hits city server; resident data not likely breached

Cryptocurrency-Backed Venture Capital Fund Hacked; Ether Plunges

Russian government hackers penetrated DNC, stole opposition research on Trump

North Korea hacked 140,000 South Korean computers in a huge campaign

Dell Official Website Subdomains Hacked By Kurdish Hackers

Karnataka Police website hacked hacked, may have lost crypto keys and some user data

Overwatch servers down in possible Lizard Squad DDOS attack

Muslim Brotherhood’s Website Suffers DDoS Attacks and Data Leak

Financial information

Acer Admits 34,000 Credit Cards Stolen In Hack Hacked, Thousands of Credit Cards and Accounts Leaked

Credit Card Breach at CiCi’s Pizza

Fighting back against cyber crime

Police arrest S. Korean teenager suspected of hacking thousands of websites

T-Mobile Employee Arrested for Trying to Sell Customer Data

Russian Police Arrests 50 Hackers in Its Largest Cybercrime Bust

A key takeaway from this month’s list is that cyber crime does not wait. As the EU referendum looms, organisations are holding back on all forms of spending and waiting to see if the UK will be leaving the European Union. This is far from smart

Brexit or no Brexit, cyber crime isn’t going to pause for a referendum.

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Trends and traits of data breaches

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