List of data breaches and cyber attacks in July

Another month is coming to a close, and once again it ends with a long list of data breaches and cyber attacks – a list that gets longer every month.

Two breaches that stand out to me are the Wendy’s and Cici’s Pizza data breaches, in which point-of-sale (POS) malware swiped a significant amount of card details. POS malware is increasingly becoming an issue for retailers – there are many variations and many ways for the malware to be installed. There haven’t been any official numbers to show how many cards were affected in both breaches, but more than 1000 Wendy’s and 135 Cici’s locations were affected.

Data breach

StarCare Specialty Health System notifies patients after burglar snatches laptop, paper files

O2 customer data sold on dark net

King’s counselling department breaches students’ privacy

Athens Orthopedic Clinic to begin notifying patients of hack

WikiLeaks Put Women in Turkey in Danger, for No Reason

10 million customer’s data leaked from online shopping site

‘Warframe’ Hacked, Details on 775,000 Players Traded

Illinois online voter registration portal hacked, information compromised

Wolverhampton council in huge data leak blunder

Wikileaks posts nearly 20,000 hacked DNC emails online

Glassdoor goof exposes thousands of user email addresses

Sunbury Plaza Dental notifies patients after stored records were burglarized

Hacker steals 1.6 million accounts from top mobile game’s forum

WeWork battling another data leak

Denmark sent sensitive health data to Chinese by mistake

Beggars Group Hacked, Warns Customers of Data Breach

Saint John Development Corporation finds cyber attack damage

Confidential Info of 388 HIV Patients Feared Leaked in China

Asiana Airlines Website Has Customers’ Personal Data Leak

Notice of Ubuntu Forums breach; user passwords not compromised

Alabama website breach revealed personal data of some state retirees

Leaky database leaves Oklahoma police, bank vulnerable to intruders

Stolen laptop puts Pa. taxpayers’ data at risk

Hospital Hackers Steal Thousands of Newborn Baby Videos

Datadog chews on data breach, AWS user credentials in leak

Ukrainian Hacker Hacks Polish Telecom Giant Netia; Leaks Massive Data

Hackers Allegedly Steal 1.4M Passwords From Mac Forums, Web Hosting Talk

Internet Bot Exposes 20 Million MTN Irancell Users’ Data

Cyber attack

Hackers target Hunting & Fishing NZ

Pink Hill pastor says computer hacked, churchgoer information almost compromised

US Congress websites recovering after three-day DDoS attack

Steemit experienced hack, theft of user funds, and DDoS attack

LizardStresser recruits an army of zombie webcams to launch DDoS attacks

Internet in Mumbai Goes Slow As ISPs Suffer Massive DDoS Attacks

HSBC Website Suffers DDoS Attack


DID Electrical says more than 300 people have card details stolen after online security breach

Cici’s Pizza suffers payment card data breach

Omni Hotels & Resorts data breach affects 50,000 credit and debit cards

Over 1000 Wendy’s restaurants hacked – customers’ credit card details stolen


O2 customer data sold on dark net

Lasair Aesthetic Health notifying patients after manager took information after resigning

Kaiser Permanente notifies patients after stolen ultrasound machines were recovered

Playstation chief Shuhei Yoshida has his Twitter hacked by OurMine

Fighting back against cyber crime

Hongkonger who launched over 6,000 web attacks during Occupy movement gets 15 months probation

UK Security Firm Execs Admit to Hacking Rival Company

Fired after NFL player’s medical chart leaked to ESPN, worker sues

Loan Company Employee Sentenced for Stolen Identity Tax Fraud

Baseball Hacking Case Ends with Prison

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This month’s list is further proof that organisation’s are still failing to secure theirs and their customer’s data. Many of the data breaches from this month have been caused by human error – can your organisation afford to make that mistake?

IT Governance are encouraging all organisations to take a risk-based approach to data security and cyber crime.

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