List of data breaches and cyber attacks in January 2019 – 1,170,983,728 records leaked

The first of this year’s monthly lists amounts to an impressive 1,170,983,728 leaked records, which – let’s be honest – isn’t the greatest start to the year.

Although there will be some debate about the usefulness of including the 772,904,991 records from the Collection #1 breach – which comprises data stolen from a number of historic data breaches – even without them, the number of breached records still stands at just under 1 billion records for January 2019.

We’re currently analysing all of last year’s numbers and will soon be publishing statistics, as well as an infographic, covering 2018’s many data breaches – be sure to sign up for our Daily Sentinel to get them as soon as they’re released.

Cyber attacks & ransomware

‘Worst’ Ransomware Attack Hits Salisbury Police Department in Maryland

Virus affecting IT system at Health Sciences North impacting health care across the region

Del Rio City Hall Forced to Use Paper After Ransomware Attack

Ransomware hits K-12 district in Connecticut

Bobby Yee, D.P.M notified 24,000 patients after ransomware attack

RMOW says municipal website subject to security breach

Dublin’s tram service website taken offline after being held to ransom

Data breach

70,000 affected in B&Q data breach

DailyMotion discloses credential stuffing attack

Over 1 Million UiTM Students and Alumni Personal Details Leaked Online

Critical Care, Pulmonary & Sleep Associates notifies almost 24,000 patients after hack of employee email accounts

Theology lecturer breaches confidentiality in mass email

QHC CEO addresses significant privacy breach at Belleville General Hospital

Millions of bank loan and mortgage documents have leaked online

Alaska notifying at least 500,000 residents about data security breach previously disclosed in June

Youth-run agency AIESEC exposed over 4 million intern applications

Privacy breach hits 45,000 recipients of Ontario’s disability support program

Graeter’s: Website breach could compromise 12,000 customers’ credit card data

Valley Hope Association notifies patients after employee email hack

Cebuana Lhuillier bares data breach, tells clients to secure accounts

Data Leak: BlackRock exposes info on thousands of advisers via website

City employees’ information exposed online for almost one year

PHI of Almost 1,000 Lebanon VA Medical Center Patients Impermissibly Disclosed

All-Star Orthopaedics Provides Notice of Patient-Data Breach

Woman says childhood sexual trauma details leaked in privacy breach

Monster 773 million-record breach list contains plaintext passwords

Over 140 International Airlines Affected by Major Security Breach

Massive Oklahoma Government Data Leak Exposes 7 Years of FBI Investigations

VA: Notice of Click2Gov-related Data Breach of Hanover County Online Payment System

Criminals may have stolen personal info from thousands after hacking Kewaskum Police computer

Cryptopia Notifies Its Users of Security Breach With Substantial Losses

Employees sacked, CEO fined in SingHealth security breach

NASA internal app leaked employee emails, project names

UCP members ‘at risk for identity theft’ after laptop stolen, expert says

Personal Information Taken From Tax Filing Office Found In North Texas Dumpster

CVs containing sensitive info of over 202 million Chinese users left exposed online

Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center notifies patients of phishing incident

Another data breach? Amazon India leaks sellers information in tech error

School Leaks Students’ Personal Information

Kent County Community Mental Health Authority notifies 2,284 patients after phishing attack

Canadian senator’s personal data leaked online in apparent Twitter hack

Mom shocked to find driver’s license on metro Atlanta school website: Turns out, she’s not the only one

Singapore Airlines experiences security breach, personal information of more than 280 KrisFlyer members disclosed

Solis Mammography notifies 500 patients and HHS after laptop theft

Detroit Fire Department personal information compromised after fire at former training school

California Department of Insurance Vulnerability Potentially Exposed Thousands of SSN and Other Personal Information

Italian Trade Union of State Police Officers Hacked & Defaced by The Anonymous Anarchist Agency

Here’s what you need to know about Chaplaincy Health Care’s email breach

Hospital apologises for voicemail privacy breach in Manchester

Humana notifies members of business associate breach at Bankers Life

Hackers Leak Details of German Lawmakers, Except Those on Far Right

BCBS of Michigan policyholders hit by two breaches in December

‘Town of Salem’ game suffers data breach exposing 7.6 million user details

Nearly 5 million passengers’ data leaked from online train ticketing platforms

Data breach sees Victorian Government employees’ details stolen

The Collection #1 data breach – what you need to do about it

Financial information

LocalBitcoins Has Been Hacked

Bank Worker Forced by Darknet Criminals to Make Fraudulent Transfers

Caddo Schools scammed out of nearly $1 million

OXO Discloses MageCart Attack That Targeted Customer Data on says four months of customer credit cards stolen by hackers

Titan notifies customers of payment card compromise

WSU employees fall victim to phishing scam, lose paychecks


Japanese government plans to hack into citizens’ IoT devices

South Africans’ airtime and data stolen through malicious smartphone app

Portuguese computer hacker named as Football Leaks cyber criminal who revealed Ronaldo rape claim, Beckham’s angry e-mails and Manchester City’s money secrets is arrested in Hungary



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