List of data breaches and cyber attacks in August

August’s list is the longest since I started posting a monthly round-up of recent hacks. It doesn’t surprise me that it’s getting worse each month, though: after all, cyber threats are always increasing.

Be sure to share this list with your friends and colleagues. Cyber threats will only decrease once the majority of people are aware of how serious they are and start taking action.

Data Breaches

Records of 25,000 Homeland Security Employees Stolen in Cyber Attack

Over 50 UPS franchises hit by data breach

4.5 Million Records Stolen from US Health Giant

Supervalu supermarket chain investigating data breach

Goodwill and FBI Investigate Possible Security Breach

Kim and his 2 billion won: Massive data breach affects half of South Korean citizens

Russian hackers steal 4.5 billion records

Hackers Steal Passwords of MeetMe Social Network Users

Chinese Hackers Allegedly Steal 4.5 Million Patient Records

Jersey City Medical Center reports Medicaid patient breach

Florida bank notifies roughly 72,500 customers of breach

Insider breach at Las Vegas brain and spine surgery center

Los Angeles-based health system breached; more than 500 patients affected

Subcontractor breach impacts more than 60K Tennessee workers

East Midlands Ambulance Service patient records disk ‘missing’

Payment Information

POS malware infections at two OTTO pizzeria locations in Maine

Payment cards used on Wireless Emporium website compromised by malware

Albertson’s stores hacked for credit card data

Black Market Cannabis Road Hacked, $100,000 in Bitcoin Lost

FBI Probes Possible Hacking Incident at J.P. Morgan

Social Media

Microsoft and Sony’s Twitch Accounts Were Hacked And Vandalized

Russian PM’s Twitter hacked, posting ‘I resign’


Massive 300Gbps DDoS attack on media firm fuelled by unpatched server flaw

Twitch hit with DDOS attack

Sony suffer DDoS attack and threat forces executives’ flight to make unscheduled landing

Teenager hacked into Metropolitan Police’s computer – causing force’s website to crash


Saudi TV website hacked by Libyan

Norwegian oil industry under attack by hackers

Android apps riddled with security vulnerabilities

US Cyber Crime Goes Nuclear: NRC Computers Hacked THREE Times

Ferguson police officers computers hacked, FBI investigating

If you want to avoid being added to this list in the future, then I recommend looking at IT Governance’s ISO 27001 solutions.

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