Leaving the MOD and fancy a job in infosec management?

It has long been recognised that MOD personnel make excellent candidates for information security jobs when they leave the forces. With many years of training and practical experience in IT, signals, comms and intelligence, service leavers can expect to find a buoyant infosec job market.come on in

There is currently an unprecedented demand for qualified candidates to fill technical and managerial roles in UK commercial organisations. This is not the case in the public sector, where government funding cuts have significantly reduced the number of new IT posts available. This job market is also highly competitive, with large salaries and prospects of enhanced career development attracting the interest of all experienced IT professionals.

Industry standard qualifications are required

While many service leavers already have a range of technical qualifications (such as Microsoft and CISCO) that match the technical requirements of a ‘civvy’ job, few will have certificates that are applicable to information security management.

Our training team regularly talks to prospective service leavers about infosec management, and we always recommend that they acquire qualifications that align to standards and best practices such as ISO27001, PCI DSS and data privacy.

IT Governance was responsible for the world’s first accredited programme of ISO27001 education. Our renowned ISO27001 Learning Pathway provides training courses from Foundation through to Advanced level and offers opportunities to attain industry-standard qualifications awarded by IBITGQ.

Which ISO27001 qualifications are needed?

ISO 27001 qualifications will be applicable to the requirements of any information security management position in the UK. They will, of course, be essential to developing a career as an ISO 27001 specialist advising their company (or others as a consultant) how to implement, maintain or audit their ISO 27001 information security management system (ISMS).

The ISO27001 Certified ISMS Lead Implementer course is particularly relevant in providing an in-depth and practical knowledge of the implementation of ISO 27001. For service leavers with experience in information security and IT audit (JSP 440), the ISO27001 Certified ISMS Lead Auditor course provides ideal practical training and certification to assist in the development of a career as an ISO 27001 auditor.

IT Governance is an Approved Learning Provider for the MOD ELCAS scheme. All of the courses in our ISO27001 Learning Pathway have been approved for ELCAS funding and we have many years’ experience helping service leavers develop their commercial information security management careers.

If you have already left the MOD and still have ELCAS credits available, you have up to five years to redeem them with any ELCAS Approved Learning Provider.