Learn how to deliver exceptional results by using Agile

“… it does a great job of including real world insights, experiences and lessons learned while provided a professional (but still easy to read) insight into the world of Agile…”
Jared Carstensen – Deloitte & Touche

This weekend let Everything you want to know about Agile show you how to implement Agile within your organisation. Importantly it will show you how to do this within the constraints of your existing project frameworks, budgeting, staffing and organisational structures.

Everything you want to know about Agile Everything you want to know about Agile
by Jamie Lynn Cooke

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Written in a clear business language this book would be of benefit to executives, IT managers, project managers and management consultants who want to deliver successful Agile results.

Even if you are familiar with Agile this book can help you address management concerns that Agile approaches may not work within the traditional business practices and constraints of your organization.

Deliver exceptional results with Agile.

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