Leading for Success: Unleash your leadership potential to achieve extraordinary results

Reviewed by itSMF USA member, Angelica King.

Leading for Success, what a powerful title! After reading this book, you might expect to know all of the secrets to be a great leader for success. The reality is that this is a good book for starting to explore your strengths and growth opportunities as a leader.

In the beginning of Leading for Success, Sarah Cook explores the difference between leadership and management. While you may not be a manager, each of us is a leader in our teams and in our organizations. The remaining chapters provide guidance on being a better leader to help organizations to achieve their goals.

Chapters 2 and 3 focus on leadership styles and self leadership. In these chapters Cook focuses on the identification of a leadership style. She includes activities to identify a leadership style. Cook also outlines the concept of self-awareness. This is a critical component to growing as a leader.

In Chapters 4-6 the focus shifts to considering one’s leadership in terms of leading within a business and within a team. Again, Cook includes activities to identify your personal strengths and opportunities as a leader. The book concludes with action planning. This brings the learning and self-awareness full circle to self-improvement.

My favorite part of this book is the practicality. Each chapter includes interactive activities like exercises, self-assessments, and ideas for using the information with your team. These interactive activities allow the reader the opportunity to actively engage in learning vs. passively absorbing information, thus, increasing the reader’s learning and application of the material. Picking up and engaging the book’s concepts is the first step for each of us to continue to grow as a leader.

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