Lack of Internet Security on Spanish Police Website

Spain’s national police force was subjected to a cyberattack by a group of hackers on Saturday 12th June 2011. The ‘Anonymous hackers group’ caused the website to go down for at least an hour.  According to El Mundo, a Spanish newspaper, the group of hackers had forwarned the police that they were planning to disable the website.

El Mundo describes Anonymous as “a loose grouping of activists lobbying for Internet freedom who frequently try to shut down the websites of businesses and other organizations that they oppose. Members cripple websites by overwhelming them with traffic in what are commonly known as “denial of service” attacks”.

The same group has also attacked Turkish government webistes in a protest against Internet censorship.

An attack on this scale just goes to show how advanced and intelligent criminals have become, especially since police networks are notoriously hard to crack. If they could cause this amount of disruption on Spain’s police force’s website, imagine what they could do to your business. It is really important to protect yourself against cyber attacks. More protection can minimise your chances of  a cyberattack and therefore reduce the chance of your business losing data and information, which can incur hefty costs and bad publicity.

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