Key DPA statistics from the ICO annual report

I have just been reading the Information Commissioner’s Annual Report 2009/10, and thought I’d summarise a few of the key statistics that really matter.

  • 91% of people are aware of their right to see information held about them.How would your organisation deal with a subject access request? Do you have a process in place to ensure you meet the requirements of the Sixth Principle of the DPA?
  • 94% of people are concerned about the protection of their personal information.How does your organisation demonstrate to its customers that it takes the security of their personal information seriously?
  • 1,055 organisations have signed the Personal Information Promise.Out of almost 46,000 registered data contollers, this is a drop in the ocean.
  • 30% increase in requests for advice and complaints than the previous year.This trend looks set to continue as awareness of rights, and fear of identity theft, continue to rise.
  • 40% (32,714) more data protection cases closed than the previous year.This shows that the ICO has become more efficient and better equipped to respond to complaints and are taking their new powers seriously.
  • 28% (and the most common) of complaints were relating to subject access.As people’s awareness of their rights under the DPA increase, businesses are failing to keep up, and are failing to meet their subject access obligations.

The report goes on to highlight that the ICO issued 15 enforcement notices during the year (and names the organisation they were issued to); 16 on-site compliance audits were conducted; 57 undertakings were obtained during the year and 7 bodies (a mix of individuals and organisations) were successfully prosecuted for failing to notify as a data controller with the ICO.


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