ITSM Transformer: How to be an Autobot using ITIL and Succeed with Change®

Ah, those are the memories – many days of my misspent youth starting with watching the kids TV series ‘Transformers’. Most mornings during the school summer holidays, the ‘Robots in Disguise’ theme tune could be clearly heard.

ITIL and Transformers

But what do ITIL and ITSM have to do with the Transformers I hear you ask? The answer is very basic, change or transformation. When Optimus Prime changed from a lorry to a robot he was changing, or to be more specific, transitioning from one state to another. Change or transformation became the very core of ITIL after the release of the 2007 (v3) version of the framework. It recognised that change/transformation should be a day-to-day part of service management. Prior to this, ITIL had a very linear structure surrounding processes. Now there was a clear lifecycle for continual improvement.

Change as an on-going process

Change is often thought of as just a linear process, a transition or transformation (especially in Optimus Prime’s case) from one state to another. In fact, change is an on-going process. It is continually occurring around us and most modern management frameworks and systems (ISO9001, ISO27001, ITIL etc.) recognise this.

Many organisational change management classes teach delegates how to succeed with ‘change projects’, but how can change succeed if it is seen or taught as a one-off project? Surely the theory behind these courses is moot?

As ITIL recognises that change or transformation is in fact on-going and a way for IT to continually reconfigure itself to deliver services that are fit for purpose and that deliver value, doesn’t it make ITIL ever more relevant to IT professionals today? Common sense would say, ‘use ITIL’.

Let’s face it, it’s better to be an Autobot and change than be an evil Decepticon.

ITIL and Organizational Change

For more information coping with change in your IT department, take a look at ITIL and Organizational Change, one of our latest ITGP titles that explains how to revolutionize your business with the ITIL framework whilst managing the change effectively.

Now Autobots – transform!