It’s Social Media Week – Kick-start Yours!

Social Media Week (SMW) kicks off today, reflecting on the global impact of social media and its role as a “catalyst in driving cultural, economic, political and social change in developed and emerging markets.” (Source: SMW)

Taking place in 21 cities around the world, including London, Paris, Rome, Milan and Berlin, this event will raise awareness surrounding social media, discussing ideas and ways it can affect and benefit your business. Featuring keynote speeches from industry experts, events, live discussions and much more, get involved here >>>

Reap the benefits social media can bring to your business with the Social Media Governance Toolkit.

This toolkit contains a comprehensive suite of documents and templates that will help you develop, implement, monitor and improve social media activities across your organization.

Social Media Toolkit Social Media Governance Toolkit

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The templates and guidance in this toolkit should help an organization create an appropriate social media governance framework. It will help organisations identify appropriate social media objectives, as well as assign roles and responsibilities. It contains a full set of policies and procedures that help organizations implement appropriate acceptable use frameworks, reduce risk from the corporate use of social media while helping them integrate social media into their marketing, communication and positioning strategies.

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