It’s All About Relationships this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love with those you treasure the most and spending quality time together… Pass us the bucket.

Why not take a different view on Valentine’s Day this year by considering the relationships between  your work colleagues and the processes you implement to achieve effective IT service management?

Written by itSMF USA Lifetime Award winner, Suzanne van Hove and Service Planning Manager, Kathy Mills, It’s All About Relationships provides a view into the vital relationships between the ITIL lifecycle stages. It will help you understand the connections between ITIL processes and understanding upstream and downstream impacts, proving invaluable guidance that no service manager should be without (especially this Valentine’s Day!)

This book is part of a series of Thought Leadership Titles which can be bought together as a bundle. These books cover subject matters that are relevant to ITSM practitioners, written by highly experienced practitioners, up-to-date with industry best practices and are published jointly by itSMF USA and IT Governance publishing. Find out more >>

P.S. Yes, we know it’s a long stretch linking ITIL to Valentine’s day, but we did it!