ITIL: Which format should you go for?

The core ITIL® books are available in quite a few different formats, which can be confusing to any novice. To simplify things, we’ve listed the available formats and benefits for each:

ITIL core books and available formats….

Softcover – Softcover, or paperback as the format is more widely known, is an ideal format to purchase the ITIL core books in if you are always on the road and don’t have access to a computer. They are also ideal if you prefer to read a traditional book rather than stare at a computer screen:- ITIL Lifecycle Publication Suite (Softcover).

Adobe eBook – With the Adobe eBook format you are able search the core ITIL texts using the Search function in Adobe Digital Editions. You can also use the Bookmarks functionality within the Digital Editions to create ad-hoc bookmarks to keep track of your progress through a title. The Adobe eBook format is ideal if you are always on the go and have access to a laptop. They eliminate the need  to carry around the large core books:- ITIL Lifecycle Publication Suite (Adobe eBooks).

Online subscription – Subscriptions to the core ITIL books enable you to access the latest editions of the core texts. One major benefit of choosing this option is that as and when ITIL goes through an update, the new versions are available as part of your online subscription. Additionally, you have no need to install any software to access an online subscription – all you need is your normal Web browser and have access to the Internet:- ITIL Lifecycle Publication Suite (1 year Online Subscription).

Multiuser licence – A multiuser licence is an ideal solution if you need a number of users to be able to access the core ITIL books concurrently. They enable an ITSM team to share access to the core ITIL books for an effective price. Access to the content covered by a multiuser licence is basically the same method as an online subscription i.e. via a Web browser and through the Internet, except multiple concurrent users are able to access the content (dependent on the amount of users covered by a licence):- ITIL Lifecycle Publication Suite (Multiuser Licence).

Ensure you have ITIL in the right format for you with our range of formats.