ITIL®: Where to next?

The service desk is continually changing, especially in terms of technology and the skills of its people. But what will ITIL® (the best practice framework for IT Service Management) need to address to be able to keep up with this ever-changing industry?

  • Support World Magazine believes that there will be changes to the service desk over the coming years in terms of technology with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and the culmination of cyber threats. According to Support World, more than half of their respondents in a recent survey did not have a security strategy in place for mobile devices.
    This area should be addressed soon with the growing concern of cyber attacks and data breaches within organisations of any size.
  • SDI’s aim is to make sure technology and service run so efficiently that no errors ever occur or are prevented before they impact service or productivity. Large organisations such as Heineken have already built in targets to reduce incident numbers by 25% year on year.
    With so many changes the service desk is going to have to “man up” and evolve – not become just a problem fixer but a community advisory hub.

Can ITIL cope with these changes? We believe so, yes.

One of ITIL’s strong points is that it is a framework, allowing a flexible approach to how you adopt it into your organisation. Therefore you can pick and choose which parts of the framework you need in an attempt to streamline your service desk. ITIL also goes under review every 3-4 years (such as the ITIL 2011 update), so it will undoubtedly take into account these growing changes which are sweeping across the industry. The Change Control System allows users to log in and comment on any pressing issues which then feed back to the Cabinet Office. The review period also takes into account any new and relevant standards and frameworks, technology and cloud-based systems which are likely to affect service desks.

ITIL® is the best practice framework and will continue to change and evolve to meet the growing needs of its users.

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