ITIL V3 Planning to Implement Service Management

Reviewed by itSMF USA member, Sean McClean takes us through the ins and outs of ITIL V3 Planning to Implement Service Management.

Question: What ever happened to all of those “supplemental” texts that were supposed to support original “ITIL 5”?

Answer: They linger in the under-utilized, under-recognized back of beyond, and some of the deserver your time and attention.

Take, for example, ITIL V3 Planning to Implement Service Management. This may be the “something” that so many IT professionals look for when they ask “HOW” do I implement the concepts and ideas in this ITIL schema? Written by many of the original authors of ITIL documents and then compiled by Colin Rudd, this book does a really good job of putting some of the beginning steps into perspective. Each section is organized cleanly and throughout there are highlighted “example” panels, describing concepts with brief, concrete examples that are immediately usable.

But the best part is hiding in the back: Appendices include cookie-cutter plans for accomplishing things like Business Cases, Quality Initiatives and (gasp!) tool selection. Not pre-written blank form templates, but key elements that you could plug into your own RFPs, Business Case Templates, etc. To be sure, some of this may seem common sense, but it’s awfully nice to see it written and organized in a way it can be related to easily.

I believe this would be a great resource for anyone about to lead an ITSM initiative, in particular management teams and consultants alike, though if I could level any criticism at all, it’s that I’d like to see that audience called out more directly – maybe a preface in the beginning specifying exactly who would benefit.

Ultimately this was a great reminder that the ‘L’ in ITIL is Library, and maybe we should be digging around some of those bookshelves again to see what else we might have missed…

You can buy ITIL V3 Planning to Implement Service Management from our International, European and itSMF USA websites.