ITIL Service Strategy 2011 Update – Pre-Order Today

The updated version of ITIL  was announced on 22 June 2011. This is not a new version but an update to Version 3 to make it more usable, thus we are calling it ITIL 2011. It is all about improving consistency, accessibility and usability of the core publications. The update has removed inconsistencies in content and structure.

ITIL Service Strategy 2011

The biggest wholesale change in the methodology is the review of the Service Strategy publication. IT Governance is the first place in the world to offer this title!

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The ITIL Service Strategy (Due for release in July 2011) provides guidance on how to design, develop, and implement service management, not only as an organisational capability but also as a strategic asset. Guidance is provided on the principles underpinning the practice of service management. This guidance is useful for developing service management policies, guidelines and processes across the ITIL Service Lifecycle.

What’s Changed in this Version of ITIL Service Strategy?

The update does not make the guidance more complex. It is designed to ensure that the books relate more clearly to one another, anomalies are corrected and that the content is conveyed in a clear and concise manner.


ITIL: Service Strategy (Updated 2011 Softcover Version) – Key Features

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  • Updated to reflect user feedback from an extensive review process
  • Much of this title’s information has been updated to aid clarity and convey the key the information in a clear and concise manner. This title is now much easier to read and use!
  • Employing the information within this updated publication will allow you to design, develop and implement service management.
  • Aligns IT with the strategic goals of the organisation, and making IT a net contributor to the organisation’s bottom line.

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ITIL Lifecycle Suite

You can also order your set of the new (summer 2011) five updated core ITIL publications. If you order before the end of June you can save £15!

The ITIL titles are structured to be read as a five title series, each building on the work of the other. The links between the titles have been enhanced and made clearer in the new versions.

As the five core titles reflect the lifecycle of services, their appeal encompasses the entire spectrum of people involved at any stage of the framework. So, without being the prime audience, everyone involved will benefit from access to the entire library.


ITIL: Service Strategy (Updated 2011 Softcover Version) – Key Features

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