ITIL® Foundation Revision Tips

Preparing for your ITIL® Foundation exam can be a stressful and time-consuming process. So what should you do to maximise your revision to get the best possible results?

Step 1: Use official ITIL reading material

By using books written by the Cabinet Office (formerly known as the Office of Government Commerce – OGC) you will be sure to know that you are reading the official ITIL information, from the originators of ITIL. Try books which were written specifically for the exam, such as the ITIL Foundation Handbook (Little ITIL) and the Passing Your ITIL Foundation Exam – 2011 Edition.

Step 2: Use up-to-date material

Although not essential, reading up-to-date information can make your revision process a lot easier. ITIL has undergone an extensive review project, and updated versions of the ITIL books were released on 29 July 2011. The idea behind the whole ITIL ‘refresh’ is that the guidance becomes easier to navigate, learn, read, teach and implement. The update was made to improve inconsistencies across books such as the ITIL Lifecycle Publication Suite.

Step 3: Seek information through different channels

Don’t just stick to your books! There is a wealth of information out there, you only need to look. Surf the internet, watch videos (try ITIL –  A Simple Explanation) and talk to people! Linkedin has some great groups, where people in the IT Service Management industry are always willing to help. Try the IT Service Management Forum and ITIL, ITSM & ISO20000

Step 4: Try Distance Learning or Classroom training

There comes a point when there is only so much you can learn through books and self study – this is where training comes in (whether in the form of distance learning or classroom based). Having something visual to look at or having a real person to talk to and ask questions can make all the difference. Try the ITIL Foundation Online Training – 2011 Edition for a Distance Learning experience.

Step 5: Test Your Knowledge

Either do it the old fashioned method and ask a friend to test you, OR test yourself. Exam books such as the Passing Your ITIL Foundation Exam 2011 Edition comes with 73 unique practice questions that allow you to sit a mock ITIL Foundation Exam. This book also comes with in-depth answers that, should  you get one wrong, help you to learn from your mistakes.

Good Luck!

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