ITIL® Foundation – How do you ensure your team are all qualified?

Are you responsible for the development and training of the IT service management team in your organisation? As a Service Manager or indeed a Training Manager, you will know of the need to ensure the team have the knowledge and essential qualifications to ensure their success at work and to sustain their continued career development.

You will also be aware that all training must be cost-effective and minimise the time away from essential activities in the office. This is particularly the case for critical staff working in IT helpdesk or IT support roles. Consider the impact of one day away from the office per person when you measure the service performance of your team!

Why is ITIL Foundation training important?

ITIL 2011 is globally recognised as the best practice and advice for effective IT service management in any organisation. ITIL defines a comprehensive qualification scheme that allows IT service management professionals to gain recognition of their level of ITIL and ITSM management competency. The entry level and the ‘must have’ qualification is the ITIL Foundation certificate which is awarded to candidates who take and pass a written or online examination.

How can you choose the most effective study solution?

Classroom courses, online E-learning, books, study guides – which are best for your team? All claim to help delegates pass the ITIL Foundation examination which costs roughly £150 (in the UK) and is available at approved exam centres throughout the world.

Self Study v Training Course

Before you purchase any product, you must decide to on ether supporting delegates as they self-study or by booking them on online or classroom training courses. Self-study is the lowest cost option but its success relies on personal commitment time and it has been shown to yield lower first-time pass rates and take longer. Online training is slightly more effective but in many ways is just a digital version of the self-study option. Many larger organisations choose this solution but forget to provide the support and mentoring required to ensure the delegate actually benefit from the course. Also, online solutions only provide training for an individual and do not support the training and coordination of a service management team.

All practitioners agree that instructor-led classroom sessions remain the most effective and quickest method to ensuring delegates pass the ITIL Foundation exam at the first attempt. They also support the training of a team allowing delegates to understand how the ITIL is used to deliver the service management objectives of an organisation. The disadvantage of traditional classroom training course is that they usually have higher prices and involve the additional cost of transport/accommodation and time away from the office.

ITIl Foundation (2 Day) Training – Simple, Quick and Cost Effective

Our ITIL Foundation (2 Day) classroom training course is designed to provide delegates with the knowledge and skills required to pass the ITIL Foundation examination at the very first attempt. This course has been specifically designed to ensure delegates acquire the ITIL Foundation certificate at the lowest cost and the least time away from the office. The next two day classroom session is running in London on 17-18 March 2016.