ITIL be alright on the night – Adopting ITIL in your organisation

For many, the use of a formal framework for IT service management (ITSM) can seem like overkill. The effort that it takes to get started with ITIL can dissuade even the most battle-hardened of ITSM professionals.

But why is this the case? ITSM professionals should understand that ITIL is a best practice framework which means it is not a specification where you have to implement every facet of it. In fact, it should be adopted in parts by your organisation, where you take the relevant pieces of ITIL and apply them to your business.

ITIL offers so many benefits that I think all organisations should make use of some of the guidance. It’s all about ensuring you get the adoption of the ITIL processes correct, employing the bits of ITIL that work for you and scaling them appropriately.

The approach mentioned in ITIL Lite offers great advice on how to scale ITIL to your organisation’s situation, picking the bits of the framework that work for you, as was originally meant to be the case.

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