ITIL 2011 Service Strategy Review, by Claire Agutter

Claire Agutter who is the lead tutor at IT Training Zone, has kindly sent us in her review to the ITIL 2011 Service Strategy title.

“The Service Strategy core volume is an essential tool for anyone involved in IT management and the delivery of IT services.  Strategy is not something that happens elsewhere – it’s something you need to think about being actively involved with.

The 2011 revision of the book provides detailed guidance to help build a strategy that will meet your customer’s requirements.  The revised volume is clearer and more consistent, and provides detailed guidance around challenging material including financial management for IT services.

Drawing on strategic and management theory from many areas including Kano, Mintzberg and Levitt, the Service Strategy book answers important questions for every IT manager – who are our customers? What do they want?  How do we stay relevant in a changing market place?

In today’s punishing economic climate, service providers need to focus more and more on value and customer satisfaction.  Clear strategic direction needs to be driven down through the organisation to make sure all service-related activities form part of a coherent pattern.
The trade-off between cost and quality has never been more important, and can be the difference between survival and extinction.

Service Strategy is not just about management theory.  It provides clear, practical guidance on creating a service management system that will make sure you stay aligned with business outcomes.  Processes including Financial Management, Service Portfolio Management and Demand Management should be implemented in every service organisation. 

Strategy is relevant for all organisations.  Whether you are large or small, not-for profit, public or private sector, this book contains guidance that will be relevant and useful for you.  If you’re studying for the ITIL exams then this book is recommended reading, but you’ll find its use extends into your day to day role as well.”