ITIL 2011 Service Operation, reviewed by Claire Agutter

Claire Agutter, lead tutor of IT training Zone and itSMF member has reviewed the ITIL 2011 Service Operation Edition:

“Operations is the most important part of IT service delivery. In operations, we talk to our customers and users on a daily basis about the services they use to do their job. If operations is not professional, efficient and effective, the reputation of the whole IT department can be damaged and the relationship between customer and service provider can be seriously affected.

Bearing all of that in mind, it’s hard to see why operations is often poorly funded, over worked and over-stretched – but this is often the case.

The Service Operation core volume gives you all the tools you need to get operations working in your organisation. By using the processes and guidance in this book, you can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operational teams, often without any extra investment.

The 2011 revision of Service Operation includes even more practical guidance – around important areas like problem management techniques. Imagine if you were able to eliminate your most commonly occurring incident – how much time and money would you save? How much would customer satisfaction improve?

The Service Operation processes are present in most organisations. The Service Operation core volume can be used to asses your processes and identify areas for improvement. The relationships between Service Operation and other areas of the service lifecycle are also addressed; for example helping to build a bridge between operations and development teams.

The guidance in this book is relevant for all sizes and types of organisation. Whether your Service Desk is one person or 1000 people, you’ll find material in here for you. If you’re studying for the ITIL exams then this book is recommended reading, but you’ll find its use extends into your day to day role as well.”

ITIL 2011 Service Operation is available to buy from our International, European, American and itSMF USA websites.