ITIL 2011 Continual Service Improvement review by Paul Wigzel

Paul Wigzel (IT Service Management Trainer and Consultant) gives his honest view on the ITIL 2011 Continual Serivce Improvement.

“So CSI: the much forgotten phase? The last to be considered by most training courses. How have the authors raised the profile and given clarity of the CSI phase?

Answer: I’m not sure they have.  The CSI portion of the book is, in reality only 130 pages long. Not that that’s an issue, quality is measured by the content not the bulk.

There are some big positives to this new publication but there are areas where improvements could still be made.

The positives are the clear linking of the Deming cycle and the seven-step improvement process (now seven steps not eight!  Better ! – although I’d have liked to know why it has been cut down to seven and not increased to the eight-step improvement process?)

There is an excellent explanation of how automated processing collects data but doesn’t analyze it. And highlighting that differing audiences need and want a different presentation of findings.

Negatives however are the lack of referencing towards the availability and capacity plans and over simple measurement examples, avoiding the harder less tangible measures and, if honest, the general lack of real examples or templates. It still reads as too theoretical and not “real-worldy”.

So a warm cheer for the improvements but not an ovation, I was left informed but not inspired.”

You can view the ITIL 2011 Continual Service Improvement title here>>