ITIL 2011: Benefits to Business

The latest ITIL update (ITIL 2011) is designed to benefit your entire business, rather than just the IT department.

ITIL 2011 offers a framework and processes that can be adapted and moulded to suit the needs of your department, helping to mitigate risks and solve problems more quickly.

ITIL ensures that all processes are followed and documented correctly, so that causes of problems like data center outages can be traced and diagnosed more efficiently. ITIL works to orchestrate technology, processes, and people to reduce risks, aid in problem solving, and improve overall organisational efficiency.

Using the ITIL 2011 framework can help streamline your business, keeping your company’s IT assets accounted for and running the way they’re supposed.

A range of ITIL and IT service management titles are available from IT Governance. The ITIL (2011) Lifecycle Publication Suite is currently on special offer for €346.

Adopt ITIL into your organisation and see the benefits it can bring to your department!