IT Service Management Books; “Dugmore has done it again!”

Suzanne Van Hove, founder and CEO of SED-IT and Director at itSMF USA has kindly reviewed the latest publications on IT Service Management from Shirley Dugmore.

 “Dugmore has done it again – she’s effectively ‘hit one (two!) out of the park’ with the two latest volumes addressing the 2011 version of the ISO/IEC 20000 standard. The ISO/IEC 20000 Service Management Handbook and BIP0015 (BIP 0015) IT Service Management Self-Assessment Workbook are both effective independent of each other but they are quite complimentary.

The ISO/IEC 20000 Service Management Handbook

The Handbook is a great volume for the Service Manager who is new to the Standard and what it means to achieve the ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 certificate. There is a concise description of the 20000 series and its continued development as well as other related standards, methods and frameworks. The body of knowledge represented by the various related standards as well as the 20000 series truly indicate the global drive and shift to the concepts of Service Management.

There is a succinct description of the Service Management System (SMS) and the steps to implement (e.g., gap analysis, planning, process design, implementation, continual development). Like the standard, Dugmore has provided the minimum necessary – the absolutes, per se. It is easy to understand and simplicity is appealing – the information found in the ITIL® library, while supporting the requirements of the Standard, there are key differences and they are defined.

The standard is not included in this book but there is an outstanding summary of the requirements found in Sections 5 – 9 of ISO/IEC 20000-1. One can get a very clear picture of the requirements but understand this: It is not a substitute for the full standard and realize the details around the SMS are not included in this summary. It is truly ‘enough’ for the new person and the experienced practitioner might find a few things not realized when reading the full standard. Personally, I found Annex A and B the most beneficial as key activities or stages were listed by section in Annex A and a list of documents, records and evidence was provided in Annex B. These two sections replicated something that I had made for myself many years ago and have found to be invaluable.

The book concludes with an overview of the certification process – again, it is succinct and provides just enough information for a basic understanding as well as starting point for an organization who wants to achieve certification. This is where the second book, the Self-Assessment Workbook comes into play.

BIP0015 (BIP 0015) IT Service Management Self-Assessment Workbook

After a brief overview of ISO/IEC 20000, the workbook effectively takes each section and related subsection and turns it into a template that can be used to assess the status of the ‘shall’ statements. The templates are clear, cleanly organized and include a simple assessment scale (e.g., yes, no, in progress and not applicable). Lastly, the information combines the requirements from Part 1 with some clarifying questions (listed as ‘advice). Again, these tables do NOT replace reading and understanding the full standard but they certainly provide an easy to use checklist against the requirements.

The Workbook provides a license to duplicate the pages and use them as necessary. Copyright conditions are clearly indicated at the beginning of the workbook. Additionally, a great outline is provided to guide the process of self-assessment. The guidance clearly states that a self-assessment is NEVER a replacement for the full certification audit, even though the concepts being audited are the same. Obviously, a full certification audit will require hard evidence of any claim made in the self-assessment.


Finally, both books provide basic and advanced information that is critical as well as explanatory about the ISO/IEC 20000 series. Both books are appropriate to all levels within Service Management – everyone can find value in either book. These will join my personal recommendation list!”

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