IT Service Management: Astonishing Benefits Revealed in New Study

A new study from Forrester and itSMF shows startling results about the benefits of adopting ITIL in to your organisation.

Earlier this Summer, the two organisations studied nearly 500 qualified subjects across the US. The study is yet to be published, but Forrester have revealed some key insights in to the study:

  1. 70% of ITSM professionals received a positive salary increase in the past year
  2. 51% of ITSM efforts are driven primarily by IT or business executives
  3. ITIL had a positive effect on organisational productivity, service quality and operational costs.
  4. SaaS is the most popular service desk software delivery option, with 96% of people being satisfied or very satisfied with their service
  5. 57% of buyers are unlikely to switch vendors, even if they are dissatisfied with them

Implementing ITIL into your organisation can be a costly and time-consuming process. The IT Service Management Documentation Toolkit will make ITIL implementation more easily achievable and will help your organisation prepare for successful ISO 20000 certification.

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