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With more than 70 IT – and information-related laws and statutes currently in force across the UK, the compliance challenge facing the IT Compliance Director is increasingly complex.

The latest update of the ISO27001 Compliance Database is now available to existing and new subscribers – incorporating 10 key laws from 2010/11, including the Bribery Act, the Cookie regulations, the Energy Information Regulations, and the Electronic Communications and Wireless Telegraphy regulations 2011!

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“The first problem facing IT Compliance Directors is a lack of knowledge,” commented the CEO of compliance specialists IT Governance, Alan Calder. “There has been no single, credible source of information which identifies the laws that organisations have to comply with. And once you have identified an applicable law, you still have to find the handful of relevant clauses, find guidance on how to comply, and then select relevant controls and implement them. The second problem is identifying, among the 50 or more new laws and regulations passed each year, which may be relevant to the IT compliance strategy.”

Now, more than ever, organisations cannot afford to be without the ISO27001 Compliance Database and Update Service to help them ensure that they know which laws and regulations to comply with and have selected appropriate controls to ensure they are actually in compliance.

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