IT Governance Publishing 2013 Best Sellers

As 2013 draws to a close, I’ve been gathering some information on what the top selling books have been this year. Thanks to our publishing imprint, IT Governance Publishing (ITGP), we are able to stock a wide range of books on IT-GRC topics which include:

I’m happy to announce that over the past 12 months the following ITGP books were the most popular*:

9781849285261_frontcoveronly_rgb_v1 The Quantum Age of IT

Understand the future of IT: this book will offer you the key insights you need to understand what is happening and what is coming. Using research and case studies, this book will help you discover the skills you must develop to thrive in The Quantum Age of IT.

9781849285261_frontcoveronly_rgb_v1 Running IT like a Business

An essential step-by-step guide to Accenture’s story of Running IT like a Business. This book will show you how your IT function can provide much more than products and services and add real value to your business.

9781849285261_frontcoveronly_rgb_v1 21st Century Chinese Cyberwarfare

The first book to examine the cyber warfare doctrine of the People’s Republic of China. 21st Century Chinese Cyberwarfare draws from a combination of business, cultural, historical and linguistic sources, as well as the author’s personal experience, to attempt to explain China to the uninitiated

9781849285261_frontcoveronly_rgb_v1 The Definitive Guide to IT Service Metrics

A definitive guide to IT Service Management Metrics based on ITIL® and other service management frameworks and standards.

9781849285261_frontcoveronly_rgb_v1 Cloud Computing: Assessing the risks

‘Cloud Computing’ are the words on everyone’s lips – it’s the latest technology, the way forward. But how safe is it? Is it reliable? How secure will your information be? Cloud Computing: Assessing the risks answers these questions and many more

We’d like to thank everyone who has purchased an ITGP book this year, as well as the authors for making these books possible.

*most popular across all IT Governance channels.