IT Governance Launches New ISMS SmartCard Training Aid

The new Smart Card Training Range has been developed to help organisations tackle important IT issues such as information security, ITSM, business continuity, cloud computing and soft skills.

The The ISMS Card Game is the first in this series and will help organisations teach their staff about information security. Often a complex and seemingly difficult subject to approach the ISMS Smart Card game makes tackling this issue accessible and interactive for even the least technical minded of individuals.

The ISMS Card Game will help train staff – in a fun and low impact way – about the importance of information security and what to do in the situations they will face in their own workplace.


The ISMS Card Game The ISMS Card Game

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How do the cards work?

The numbered cards feature terms and definitions of typical information security situations that individuals will face in all organisations. The picture cards feature top tips whilst the joker cards portray specific security issues for discussion.

Staff are the weakest link when it comes to information security within an organisation.

The ISMS SmartCards can be utilised in a variety of learning environments, offering a more enjoyable and engaging approach to learning. The cards are perfect for pairs, groups or as flash cards for individuals.

Improve your organisations understanding of information security management with the fun and interactive ISMS card game.

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