ISO/IEC 38502 has now been published!

ISO/IEC 38502:2014 is a standard that details a framework and model for effective IT governance. The framework and model provide guidance on the relationship between the management and governance of IT and establish boundaries around them.

By having a clear understanding of the relationships and boundaries between the governance and management of IT, we can more easily grasp the fundamental concepts behind them. Furthermore, by understanding each role more thoroughly, we can understand each process’s responsibilities so that better decisions regarding IT can be made and can receive the required oversight.

The guidance, framework and model in ISO/IEC 38502 are fully aligned with that in ISO/IEC 38500 – the International Standard for IT governance.

ISO/IEC 38500 and ISO/IEC 38502 are the members of this standards family that are currently available. ISO/IEC 38501 a standard that details how to implement the governance of IT will be released in about three months’ time.

Buy your copies of ISO/IEC 38500 and ISO/IEC 38502 via the IT Governance online webstore and keep checking back here for information on ISO/IEC 38501.


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