Take risks: Free briefing paper on ISO31000 Risk Management

Risk taking is the key to business success. Risk management, however, is the key to business survival. Getting risk management right, on a continual basis, is vital task for all organisations.

A good risk management strategy does not only help you to avoid adverse events, it also gives managers accountability for decisions that were or were not taken in the lead up to those adverse events.

ISO31000, released in 2009, is the international standard for risk management. It will help you to demonstrate a comprehensive and systematic approach to the management of risks in the interests of stakeholder value. The standard provides generic guidelines for the design, implementation and maintenance of risk management in organisations, using a consistent approach summarised as ‘Identification, Analysis, Evaluation and Treatment’.

Our new green paper, written by respected Risk Management consultant, author and trainer, Tony Drewitt, offers an accessible and succinct introduction to ISO31000. You will learn about the contents of the standard, how it works, what you can achieve by implementing it, as well as what your next steps should be to benefit from the best practice recommendations.

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