ISO 27001 infographic: challenges and drivers

The popularity of ISO 27001, the international best-practice information security management standard, has increased significantly over the past ten years. The results from the most recent ISO survey show a 14% increase on the previous year, reflecting 22,293 certificates issued worldwide in 2013.

While this progress is impressive, so far little is known about the drivers that have influenced it, nor is there much awareness of the challenges faced by organisations implementing the Standard.

A new report by IT Governance has now shed light on these topics. We have summarised the results in an infographic.

ISO 27001 InfographicDownload the ISO 27001 Global Report 2015 >>>

The value of ISO 27001

Those familiar with ISO 27001 are probably not going to be surprised that improved information security has been named both a top driver and a top benefit. The value of ISO 27001 to any business lies in the fact that, firstly, it is a management standard and, secondly, that it looks at information security from a holistic point of view. ISO 27001 encompasses people, processes and IT systems, in recognition that information security is not just about antivirus software, but depends on the effectiveness of organisational processes and the people who manage and follow them.

If you are looking to implement ISO 27001 or need help addressing the challenges associated with ISO 27001, then contact IT Governance now.