ISO 27001 for small organisations

Many small organisations think implementing an ISO 27001 information security management system (ISMS) isn’t practical or is overkill for their needs. However, we at IT Governance know differently.

Our experience as ISO 27001 consultants and industry experts shows us that implementing an ISMS according to ISO 27001 is both practical and can offer many benefits that small organisations don’t often realise. By implementing an ISMS, smaller organisations can gain real competitive advantage.

  • Enables smaller organisations to keep information secure, by protecting information assets effectively
  • Builds trust between the organisation, stakeholders and customers by assuring them their information is adequately protected
  • Helps organisations to achieve compliance with many other regulations and legal frameworks
  • Gain competitive advantage over other suppliers who aren’t certified – many government departments now demand organisations are certified to ISO/IEC 27001 prior to becoming a supplier.

In the book ISO/IEC 27001 for Small Businesses – Practical Advice, ISO and IEC offer practical advice for smaller organisations on how to go about implementing an ISMS.

ISO Secretary-General Rob Steele and IEC General Secretary Ronnie Amit comment in the foreword to the book. ‘An information security management system based on ISO/IEC 27001:2005 can empower the small business to compete successfully in today’s globalising markets. This book is intended to provide the key to the door.’

So if you want to gain real competitive advantage, even as a small organisation, implement an ISMS.

Get started on your ISO 27001 project with ISO/IEC 27001 for Small Businesses – Practical Advice.

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