ISO 27001: The Only Way To Manage Information Security

G4S Technology – a global market leader in providing fully integrated security solutions – has been awarded ISO 27001 certification; the world’s leading standard for information security management systems. This is the first time that a building security business has attained ISO 27001 certification, and certification is set to help G4S increase its business in these recession hit times.

Ian Lobban, the head of the UK Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) – the country’s leading intelligence agency – stated on Monday that cyber attacks on the UK were at ‘disturbing levels’.

With the increase in cyber attacks and information security breaches customers and stakeholders are demanding far greater assurances from their suppliers that they are securely managing information. ISO 27001 is the only real way of providing this.

Stewart Angell, MD of G4S Technology stated: “”We always aim to put the needs of our customers first and a fundamental priority is the protection of their data.”

In G4S’s line of business there are many data security management issues; from handling sensitive customer information, CCTV footage, individuals’ card details, access control points, vehicle details; all of which could be potentially lost, stolen or accessed by un-authorised individuals.

Stewart Angell considers implementing ISO 27001 and achieving certification as the only sensible route. Additionally Angell see’s ISO 27001 certification as a business driver and as a recognised statement of promoting excellence in its management of information and data security.

“We endorse the need for ISO 27001 standardisation and we commit to safeguarding information to the highest recognised standard. For complete peace of mind, any business that is serious about managing risk should only work with ISO 27001 Certified companies to maintain operational excellence”.

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