Is this the fastest and most cost-effective method of implementing ISO 27001?

The moment you start thinking of hiring a ‘consultant’, you immediately start thinking ‘budget’ – and justifiably so, for some consultancy teams are prone to racking up expenses that are guaranteed to give your financial manager a nervous twitch.

Besides, hiring a consultant can be quite a bother:  booking meeting rooms, coordinating various team members’ diaries to ensure they are available on the day of the consultant’s visit, often having to help with flights, trains and hotel accommodation, tending to their dietary requirements and ensuring they feel welcome when they arrive.

Online consultants

For those thinking of implementing ISO 27001 and not sure of where to start, online consultancy presents the perfect remedy.

Removing many of the usual associated fees, online consultancy delivers only the essential guts of what you need, in sound advice and practical guidance, so that you can mobilise your team to implement and maintain ISO 27001.

This unique approach to ISO 27001 implementation empowers organisations to quickly and cost-effectively assimilate and deploy critical knowledge in a way that enables them to achieve and maintain certification, all at a cost-effective, fixed price.

Global assistance

What’s more, this type of approach enables organisations in even the remotest of locations to secure international expertise at a fraction of the regular price.  IT Governance is currently undertaking several projects across the globe through remote consultancy, with great results.

Online consultancy provides hands-on guidance at key points of the implementation project, and offers assistance and support throughout the project, right up to certification-readiness.  It empowers you to manage the execution of the deliverables according to your needs, and you get to benefit from the personal leadership and knowledge of your implementation coach.  The costs of extensive consultancy work, travelling and other expenses are totally eliminated, and appointments take place at flexible times and at a location convenient to you and your team. Furthermore, there is no need to set aside a full day or book meeting rooms to host our consultants at your offices.

Frequent check-ins with your consultant are made possible using a variety of channels, including online chats, telephone calls, Live Online coaching sessions and file-sharing services (when the client uses services such as SharePoint).

ISO 27001 Mentor and Coach Consultancy brings you dedicated expertise and specialist knowledge through five days of scheduled coaching and project review sessions with an ISO 27001 expert consultant, and covers each key stage of the ISO 27001 implementation project – all for a fixed price.

The ISO 27001 ‘Get A Lot Of Help’ package combines Mentor and Coach consultancy with all the essential resources and tools you need to get the job done fast.

Get smart and pay only what you need to by adopting a new approach to ISO 27001 implementation.