Is PRINCE2 right for the smaller project?

  • How small does a project or piece of work need to be before you stop using PRINCE2 to manage it?
  • When does PRINCE2 become bureaucratic overkill?
  • How can you manage a job that is too small to be called a project?
  • How much PRINCE2 do I use to manage a project with only a couple of people in it?

These are just some of the questions project managers are faced with when it comes to dealing with small projects. We all know that PRINCE2 provides an effective method for managing your projects on time and on budget, but is it really right to use it for the smaller projects?

Our verdict? Yes, but by taking a different approach.

PRINCE2 is perfect if you’re looking to manage a medium to large-scale project where there are numerous people involved and complex stages. But if you’re merely looking for a framework to satisfy your smaller needs then trying to fit the whole of PRINCE2 into the smallest of projects is just not feasible.

Instead, look for ways of managing your project whilst taking direction from PRINCE2.

PRINCE2 for Small Projects is a great little guide that explains how the method can be tailored to any size of project, starting with the smallest. It takes every part of the method and shows what can be combined and tailored in the project to avoid unnecessary overheads and extra work. Using this approach will still make the end result clear whilst maintaining focus on the management process.

So if you’re struggling with a small project but can’t seem to fit PRINCE2 in, then take a look at this guide, written by former PRINCE2 Chief Examiner Colin Bentley.

Find out more about PRINCE2 for Small Projects >>


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