Is Management of Portfolios (MoP) for me?

Management of Portfolios (MoP), from the OGC, is a new set of guidance for the effective and efficient management of portfolios of projects and programmes.

At the core of MoP are the five principles of portfolio management, and two cycles. These cycles are focused on the planning and delivery of portfolios, and their constituent parts and practices work with the context of the five principles.

The five principles of portfolio management are as follows:

  1. Senior Management Commitment
  2. Governance Alignment
  3. Strategy Alignment
  4. Portfolio Office
  5. Energised Change Culture.

The core MoP guidance is available in various formats. We offer all of the current official books in our MoP Core Guidance and Study Kit.

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MoP Core Guidance and Study Kit

Image Title This kit of books includes all the MoP core guidance books currently available. It is ideal for anyone taking an MoP course or for those looking to implement the MoP methodology.

  • Management of Portfolios – MoP Manual – This guide provides practical guidance on the effective management of portfolios. This method comes from the creators of the PRINCE2® and MSP® project and programme management methodologies.
  • An Executive Guide to Portfolio Management – This guide will help you understand how portfolio management according to MoP can assist in addressing the challenges you and your organisation face.

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Key Features and Benefits:

  • Includes all the latest books on the MoP portfolio management methodology, allowing you to purchase all the books with one mouse click whilst saving money!
  • The books in this kit will give you the best chance possible to pass one of the new (spring 2011) MoP exams. Using the advice and guidance within these manuals will give you all the knowledge to pass the MoP exams at the first attempt.
  • Using the MoP method distilled in these manuals will allow you to effectively manage portfolios of projects and programmes that lead to significant organisational improvements. This will lead to cost savings and improved organisational performance.


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