Is ITIL on the rise in Asia?

The other day I was reading my daily digest of work email, like we all do, when I received an email from one of our Examination Institute partners with the latest ITIL® exam statistics attached to it. Being interested in all things ITIL, I had a quick perusal of the statistics, but noticed something I had never seen before, the continent with the largest number of ITIL Foundation candidates is now Asia, which has beaten both Europe and North America into second and third place respectively. Another unexpected statistic was that Asia also has the second highest number of ITIL Intermediate exam candidates after Europe.

This really did surprise me. I had always viewed Europe and North America as being the biggest markets for ITIL. Could it be that ITIL is becoming more widely recognised in Asia as best practice for ITSM? Or could this be a sign that the number of delegates taking ITIL exams in Europe and North America is actually falling?

Looking for answers….

With these questions in mind, I looked back at the ITIL exam statistics from 2012. Comparing the figures year-on-year, it would seem that the number of people taking an ITIL Foundation exam in Europe or North America remains fairly flat. Comparing the figures  for the ITIL Foundation exam from Asia on a year-on-year basis there is a steady rise. A similar trend of a steady rise in the number of Intermediate exam candidates in Asia can also be seen, whilst the figures for Europe and North America are fairly flat again or show a marginal rise.

Is ITIL in Asia on the rise?

So, in short, what does this really all mean? It would seem clear that ITIL is of growing importance to those working in IT in Asia, who are widely adopting the best practices in the ITIL Lifecycle Publication Suite books as their method for delivering IT services that offer the correct levels of both utility and warranty. Reflecting this trend in ITIL adoption is this steady trend in professionals in Asia seeking to become ITIL-qualified by studying for the ITIL Foundation and Intermediate exams using e-learning or classroom courses.

It would be interesting to know which countries are the main drivers of this growth, but sadly the ITIL exam statistics don’t go into that depth. What’s for sure is that ITIL, and gaining certification for professionals against the ITIL qualification scheme, is becoming more important.

ITIL is on the rise in Asia!

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